One year ago I posted about #Faith, my #OneWord2018.
One of my true inspirations, Jon Gordon wrote about Fear and Faith and how they are both interconnected, but can either drive you forward, or backward. They both deal with an unknown future. As I reflect on my #Faith from 2018, I know in many instances it pushed my #Fear back and allowed me to experience risk, growth and the unknown with a an enormous donkey style kick!

Fast forward 365 days and I find myself in a place of service. I NEED to serve YOU first. I WANT to do more for YOU. No matter who you are, or what you do, I would like to help you learn, grow, reflect, thrive, take risks, challenge yourself, or whatever else it takes!

For 53 years, I have been supported by so many amazing people. Of course, Mom and Dad, my sister Marian, Piper, SG, Ricky, Johnny, Hoads, Zip, Eddie, Rich Roll, Gavin, Woody, Mani, Pete and too many others to name. I’ve only gotten where I am because of the #YOU I’ve been given. Whether it be money, food, rent, transportation, advice, clothing, confidence, a slap in the face, stern reality check, and a myriad of the other ways to be supported. I know that I can no longer grow, achieve, kick butt, or move forward without helping #YOU. #YOU are my focus and my motivation this year.

I’ve been broke. I’ve needed counseling. I may have needed cleansing and clean eating. Maybe it was a ride, or a new church and a connection with GOD. Help with anxiety, depression and humility. 3 shoulder surgeries, and spinal surgery? Yes, I have needed it all, and now it is Your turn.

Most that know me, find me genuine. I do what I say and I follow through. I will die for family and friends. I don’t like fake, lying, or people that can’t be genuine. I was turned down by 4 publishers for my children’s book manuscript, until Mandy and Sarah (EduMatch) said, “Hey, we love what you have to say Jeff, we’ll learn with you!” They were thinking of #ME.

So, I kid you not, in the spirit of one of the most amazing men I admire, Jon Corippo, who toutes “Lifetime PD” and means it. Please, let me know what I can do for #YOU. If I can’t figure it out, I have an amazing lifeline and #PLFamily to help me navigate the shark infested waters. So, in 2019, even if you don’t subscribe to a #OneWord focus, whatever it is, remember me, because I want to help #YOU.

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