Monsters Have Manners

Monsters Have Manners was inspired by Jeff’s son, Braden. For years, Braden would draw all sorts of monsters doing really kind, cool, and fun things. Braden would put “monster” books together and share them with his family. Braden and Jeff decided to work together on a kindness themed book of how monsters could help people remember to use manners!

The book: River loves monsters. He loves drawing monsters, dressing up as a monster, and even pretending to be a monster. But no one loves his monster manners. Not even the monsters. One night the monsters visit River and it changes everything!

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What readers say

I absolutely LOVE this book! My 2nd graders & my daughter Abbs loved not only the illustrations but message the book conveyed! The book shared how all things aren’t always what they seem, and it addressed labeling, creativity, inclusion, kindness, celebrating differences and more! Not only is the book funny but kids can relate and feel as if they are not alone!!! Can’t like this book enough!! LOVE!


This book is a cute tale of a boy who loves monsters but uses them as an excuse to behave poorly. Fun twist, the monsters are actually quite well behaved and really value manners. The boy sees the errors off his ways and starts to behave more like the monsters in his drawings. This book is written by a school teacher/vice principal. He was inspired by the drawings of his son and created a whole adventure around those monsters. The author read this book on World Read Aloud Day and my students LOVED not only the story, but the author. He had a great personality and it was super fun to hear him read this adorable book. I highly recommend this to kids of all ages.

H Cheng

Such a fun and engaging book! My kiddos and I, really enjoyed the good read. Not to mention his sons drawings in the book were totally epic!!


Jeff Kubiak’s books are amazing, and Monsters Have Manners is no different!
The story is engaging for small children, and his themes of inclusion, empathy, and lessons learned ring true.

AND the illustrations by his son are amazing!

I buy all of Jeff’s books to give to families with young children, and they often become a household favorite.


I listened to the author, Jeff Kubiak, read this book aloud and immediately brought it to my 1st and 3rd grader to read. They were enthralled! This fun and creative book had them engaged from beginning to end. When I told them that the author’s son, Braden Kubiak, did the monster illustrations when he was their age they were hooked and… wildly inspired! They sat for over an hour creating (and recreating) the kind and well-mannered monsters in their own minds. Our whole family highly recommends this creative and inspiring book!

Rob C.

A must have for classrooms and at-home! Monsters Have Manners not only captures the hearts of its readers, it also reminds us that in all situations, manners are cool to have; even monsters have them!

This book is so well written that it has lessons within the lessons through its words and illustrations. You’ll fall in love with the monsters.

I highly recommend Monsters Have Manners.

Kellie B.

This a fun read with a good lesson! The illustrations are so captivating and the story is engaging. It reminds us that no one is too big or too cool to have manners…a fun lesson for the little ones as they learn the importance of having good manners! We have been reading it to my niece who is currently learning how to be a big girl at the dinner table!


This was a highly engaging, relatable book. When we finished reading the book, my fifth graders all wanted to draw their own monsters with manners. They pulled connections to other stories with monsters, and wanted to write their own stories after reading this inspiring tale. Knowing Jeff pulled his son into the process is so inspiring. My students feel not only moved by the message of the story but compelled to write or illustrate their own stories.

Teaching J.

I love the message within this book and also the message of the collaboration of father & son as my kids get older I love both of those aspects.
Manners are important for LIFE, not just for kids. even monsters have manners.
another winner from Jeff Kubiak! We have purchased & donated all three of his books for our elementary school libraries and they are super popular.
Well done, Kubiak dudes!!!

Cindi W.

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