Jeff Kubiak

Speaker | Author | Educator



Keynote Topics

  • The ripple effect of kindness
  • Building a Mental Health Toolkit
  • Creating an Inclusive Community Culture


  • Collaborate with teachers, stakeholders, and decision makers
  • Coaching to build efficiency, capacity and streamlined school systems
  • Work to inspire individual leaders, teams, and student voice


Bring Jeff to your school community for school wide read aloud, small group writing and kindness sessions, engaging literacy sessions, anti-bullying and inclusion discussions, and more.

One Drop of Kindness

Kindness…for some, it comes so easy, but for others, it can be a struggle. The answer often lies in a person’s story. Meet Gus, a one-time orphan who goes through life thinking that hurtful words and actions are the only way to behave and communicate with others. Interestingly, Gus lives in a town that holds a mysterious secret which finally gets unlocked by something that was hidden away.

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More To Read

It’s Me

This book is dedicated to every person who has ever felt less about who they are, or want to be, because of someone else’s opinion, feelings, or prejudice.

Here are true vignettes written by students and educators that will help you empathize with those that have been marginalized, biased, or belittled.
Let’s Empower yourself and others!

Monsters Have Manners

River loves monsters. He loves drawing monsters, dressing up as a monster, and even pretending to be a monster. But no one loves his monster manners. Not even the monsters. One night the monsters visit River and it changes everything!

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