About Jeff

Jeff taught for ten years as an elementary school teacher in grades 4, 5, and 6 and has eight years of administrative experience. He strives to connect with students by bringing them real world experiences, getting to know them, engaging in lessons and play, and becoming a part of the learning process. Jeff has always looked at education from a different lens: as someone who hated and struggled with school. Jeff vows to always do his best to help increase opportunities for all students to feel heard, included, celebrated, challenged and safe.

I enjoy working with companies and people who are not afraid to push boundaries, be honest, are open to difficult conversations, and embrace ALL students. Compassion, Inclusion, Equity and mental health awareness are my passions.

I am currently an educator, author and speaker in Northern California. Having taught for ten years as an elementary school teacher in grades 4, 5, and 6, and am now serving my 10th year as an administrator as an Elementary School VP, in Elk Grove. I’ve had my highs: US Olympic Swim Team Alternate, Pan American Games Gold Medalist, Coach of 4 time Olympian, Jason Lezak. Amazing wife, and 2 lovely kids. And my lows… almost losing it all, but finding my amazing path to sobriety since 1/28/2020.

My Story

Why I write books about Kindness, Equity, and Inclusion

I believe this are foundational and imperative components that are missing from our society. If we can use these books as starting points for conversations, understanding, and really “seeing” each other, then I know we are at a good place to be.

For the most part, children want to be kind, but I’ve seen a “Gus” in every school I been in. This may be a boy, girl, staff member, or even a parent. In schools, it is critical for us to embed kindness into everything we do, which will in turn, improve our school and community climates.

When we can learn to truly see each other deeper than our appearance, we begin to lose our prejudices, labels, and stigmas. This way, we can begin to listen to each other, and embrace the uniqueness we all have to offer.


What people say

“Jeff Kubiak is an amazing educator, author, and human. He writes from the heart and speaks with incredible passion for making the world a better place. If you have the opportunity to see Jeff speak in person, or read from his books, you’ll clearly hear his commitment to inclusion, kindness, and compassion. Book him now – your students need to hear his message of unconditional love and respect!”

Greg Moffitt, former Elementary School Principal and Current Director of Principal Development, D.C. Public Schools

“My men’s group in Marin County recently hosted Jeff Kubiak as our guest speaker. Jeff’s talk was inspiring and uplifting. He spoke honestly about his sobriety journey, mental health challenges, depression, and obstacles he has overcome. Jeff was sincere, and his vulnerability shone through. He put his heart out there for all of us to hear. I appreciated his communication style and how he expressed his emotions. Everyone in the group got something out of Jeff’s talk, and we were truly appreciative to have him speak to us.”

Matt Rogers

“My family and I have all enjoyed Jeff Kubiak’s books. I appreciate the focus around kindness and inclusion of all. He has an extraordinary ability to weave in lessons on having empathy and crafts relatable characters that my children feel they can connect to. My daughter loved his book “Monsters Have Manners” so much she asked to bring it to school to share with her teacher and classmates.

Jeff Kubiak spoke at our event and was absolutely wonderful. His messages on empathy, spreading kindness, and being authentic were both relatable and relevant for all ages in attendance. Our attendees shared their gratitude for the opportunity to hear Jeff’s story. He’s truly an inspiration, and I recommend booking him for your event.”

Crystal Apilado, Parent and former VP, Friends of Winters Library

“I just want to say thank you to Jeff Kubiak for being a gracious author and presenter of stories for our students and families at our annual Family Reading Night event. Jeff’s stories are full of kindness and inclusion and you can feel how passionate he is about his work when he presents. He was great at connecting with our families as he explained how he came up with the ideas for his books. I think our students especially liked hearing about how his newest book is full of illustrations that his son made since he was little. To top it all off, Jeff’s readings – his cadence, intonation, and character sounds – are a joy to experience. We are so grateful he was our guest author for the evening!”

Tiffany Kim, Davis Legacy 06 Girls White/ECRL & Heron School PTSA

“I cannot say enough about Jeff Kubiak and his inspiring visit to our school district!! Jeff came to the Perkins Local School District in Sandusky, Ohio, to share with our middle and intermediate school students his book, “One Drop of Kindness”. Students and faculty alike were inspired by Jeff’s visit. Jeff not only read his book aloud and shared his own personal connection to the book in two school wide assemblies but he also visited classrooms to give a more individualized visit with students. I still hear faculty talk about the impact Jeff had on their students and themselves. This was a day I will never forget.”

Rhonda Peiffer, Paraprofessional, Perkins Local Schools.

“Jeff Kubiak was one of the most dynamic guest speakers we have ever had visit our middle school. Jeff not only led a whole-school assembly, but he visited every classroom individually to talk with our students, share stories, take pictures, and sign his books. Our staff and students thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Jeff, he was very genuine in his connections with everyone that day.”

Jeff Thom, Principal, Briar Middle School

“I heard Jeff Kubiak speak at my son’s school. He read his books, and also shared a lot about mental health. It was wonderful how he connected with not only the students, but the adults in the audience too. Jeff spoke with heart, and compassion about his own story of mental health struggles, and how we can all be more kind, inclusive and compassionate every day. Book him today!”

Suzanne H., parent in Sacramento, CA

“Jeff Kubiak is an incredible author, speaker and leader. His dedication to kindness and to changing the world for the better is evident in his laser targeted focus through stories and his character as he speaks on the topic. We could not be more impressed with his time he shared with our TK-5 students. Kids over a month later still speak of the experience and it will be one of the fond memories we share of Smith Elementary “Kindness Week 23.” Keep writing Jeff, the kids need more people like you!”

Joe Meunier Principal, Emma C. Smith Elementary School, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

“Not only did I have the pleasure to present alongside Jeff Kubiak at the TeachBetter conference, but I also interviewed him for my leadership book. His dedication to both children and educators shines through every conversation I’ve had with Jeff. He shares his heart for kids through his books and speaking engagements. He is the rare combination of entertaining and heartfelt when sharing in professional settings. Every educator, regardless of position, should check out Jeff’s books, his social media platforms and highly consider contracting him to speak at an event near you. His message reflects his passion.”

Janelle McLaughlin

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