I love when I hear this from people in and out of education about how much an Education Administrator “makes”. My true joy comes when I actually get to have a discussion about the wording and the actual thought about “MAKES”.
Yes, I “Make SO MUCH”… difference? Change? Happen? Right? The difference I, and we educators make is not an accountable figure. It is beyond all comprehension because when you really think about it, we have the power to positively change lives on a daily basis. Remember the kid that walked onto campus with his head down low, sulking? Yes, that one! The one I gave a high five to and walked to the cafeteria to get an apple! Yes, that one! The one I actually look in the eye, connect with and see what is really bothering him? Yes, all day long, we MAKE a difference. It just depends on how we want it to be, I only hope that it is positive.

Change you say? Well, as a site leader, we have the ability to make change, both small and large. Many times our vision can take years, so the change will come in small tidbits. But other times? Change must be monstrous and epic. If we don’t constantly change, improve, iterate, fail, and modify what is happening in schools, then our students will miss the bus to success. We are already behind most of the world’s educational leaders according to some statisticians, let’s not let them be correct!

Make so much Happen! Yes, we do! All day from the first moment a child walks onto our campus until the second the last one leaves. But that’s not all! Maybe we have a home visit, or an assembly, meeting, or special event. We, the administrators and educators are the true happeners if you will. From positive MoJo all day long to songs, activities, upping the rigor in classrooms, positive discipline, yard duty, nurse assisting, you name it! we make it happen.

My favorite, is RIGHT. What? Yes, we make things right. From the kiddo that is a foster child and feels let down and betrayed, we can make things right…a hug, a smile, sharing a lunch table. Is it a safety issue? A parenting issue? A curriculum or teaching issue? We make it right. Not always by ourselves, sometimes with a team, a group, a consensus or a student idea. We make it right.

So, next time you are asked ” How much do you Make”? or told ” You Make so Much”! I guess your perspective can help light the candle in someone else’s mind toward a brighter outlook!