Why I Tribe

Tribe: Noun – a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.

While there are many definitions for the word Tribe, I prefer the one written above. To me, a Tribe is an imperative part of my DNA and world. Personally, Professionally, Socially, Chemically and all the other “ally’s” as well. After my #CompelledTribe leaders @Jennifer_Hogan, @Vroom6 (Craig Vroom), and @jon_wennstrom blogged about “Why I Tribe” recently, it got me thinking about my “why”.

To be honest, I don’t think I could live without “Tribing”. It is everything that keeps me ticking, in line, accountable, stoked, motivated and challenged. Sure, I #InstaGram, #FaceBook and some others, but my main source of “Tribing” is on #Twitter.

Common Character

If you follow me on @Twitter, you know that I am dedicated and committed to a few groups. #CelebratED, #JoyfulLeaders, #LeadLap, #Principalsinaction, #dadsaprincipals, #edchat, #BalanceLAP, #BeKindEDU and #Tlap to name a few. These are my peeps. My friends with common interests and character. The ones who I learn from, get challenged from, struggle with, look for support from, grow with and much more.


As a former elite athlete, swim coach and current educator, this is pretty much the group of people I am “Tribing” with. I strive to continue a healthy lifestyle and fitness way of life – just follow my peeps @richroll, @jennifer_burdis, and @mradamwelcome  to name a few. This occupation keeps me in check, focused on my mind, body, spirit and soul. Swimming, and all things water have been in my genetic code since day 1 and my tribe is hundreds of water nuts too; swimmers, surfers, divers, you name it – my team. As an educator, I focus on following, not followers. If I can’t learn something from someone, why follow? We all value our time, focus on the growth and push to be better, not see bigger numbers that follow you. There are too many amazing people that mean so much to me. Who make me better. Smarter. More kind. More aware of others. These people are my Tribe. And this my friends, is just a sampling of Why I Tribe.

Peace yo!