It seems to me these days that our society has become very “ME” driven. People are on their devices all the time, focused on what latest gadget, car, trip, or quest they’ve completed. Look or listen to News about Hollywood stars getting this car, outfit, trip, or jewelry ( and most of it GIVEN to them..really?). Our politicians just ripping each other in public, the name calling, the excuses, the “I’ve done this” motto. Imagine what goes on behind closed doors…yikes! Image result for politicians saying “Look at me”

Get this, just today, my buddy Roman Nowak Tweeted a great post and quoted the wonderful Mother Teresa. Someone had the nerve to harshly respond to his Tweet, calling Mother T a “C” Word! What? What a minute! Did that make the “ME” in you feel better Mr. Meany pants?
Come on people, when we have our top Gov’t officials, (none to be excluded), constantly tooting their own horns, for their own agendas (NRA anyone?), what message does that send to the rest of us?

Sports stars, who many consider them idols, heroes and role models, are spouting off how great this deal was, or that they are the best at this, or showing off their 7 houses, 9 cars, planes, yachts and material goods in all the magazines and ads.

Image result for mother teresaWhen will it end? As an educator, and a father, I try my best (fail more than not) to teach my kids to always lead with their heart and put others first. To practice kindness daily. I try to show them that it makes the “ME” feel instantly better, when we put the “YOU” first. Imagine if we all were more like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and the nameless and countless others that are constantly producing random acts of kindness. We’d have very different problems to deal with in our daily lives!

Follow some of my #Kindness Educator friends and see what they are doing to put others first. Tamara Letter, Roman (mentioned above), Melanie Korach, Eli Casaus, Kristen Nan, Bethany Hill and Beth Frates MD, just to name a few. Read their posts, follow their words, quotes and pictures.
Start putting the “YOU” before the “ME” and let’s show each other what we can do to make each other’s lives more amazing.

Image result for rachel scottGo ahead, try it now. If we can make this a part of our DNA, our children’s, student’s and friends too….we’d be starting another Kindness Revolution.
Remember Rachel Scott? Our lovely young heroine who lost her life in the Columbine shooting? One Rachel’s most famous quotes “People will never know how far a little kindness can go”. Let’s be more like Rachel and continue her quest for the “Chain Reaction” of kindness.

Let’s all put “YOU” before “ME”, for even a day, and see what happens.
You in?