So, the Stock Market is rocking, job growth is high, so why then are so many
people Stressed; physically, emotionally, and financially right now? Well, about 2.5 years
ago (3/11/16), one of my eduhero buddies Todd Schmidt and I began blogging about
Something we called #WordsDOmatter. In the posts, we shared all sorts of amazing
examples of how students, teachers, parents and community members were using
powerful, positive words to make our lives better.

Zip forward to today, Midterm Election Eve, 2018. It seems that the “Me” mindset
has taken over the “We” mindset. But, wait, Jeff, there is SO much good going on
in the world today! Yes, there are A LOT of amazing things taking place, with
positivity, kindness, empathy and love. But so often, across our country and
world, the “We’s” are winning. Take for example a few; our President, Hate Groups
(more than 950 now in the US alone!), Politicians and their edgy “Midterm” ads,
and the all to familiar “ I can’t help or talk now, I’m too busy”.

Thank goodness for schools! So many of these safe, learning havens, have truly
fantastic leaders, teachers, parents, and community members that are consistently
pushing Love, Empathy, Kindness, ALL, WE, TEAM and other positivity nuggets. Is it
that hard? Can we not just marinate on our words and actions for a few seconds before
we tear someone to shreds? I get it, at times, we have become too sensitive, and our
“Lawnmower” (Look it up if you haven’t heard) and “Helicopter” parents that won’t let
kidsfail, or argue, or stumble without helping has gotten crazy, but, COME.ON.PEOPLE.

However, there is one area that we do need to be “Me” first, and that is “Self Care”.
This is one area of “Me” that we are falling short. We are a stressed out and overworked
group of humans. Many of us feel we can’t take a day off, or take the time to put in that
run, swim, yoga session, or massage. While our unemployment rate is low, health
insurance is at an all time high, and if we don’t better care for ourselves, we won’t be
here to care for our children, students, and the next group of leaders. Please, take a day
off. Schedule that massage. Sleep an extra ten minutes. But please, take it from my
friends; Jessica Cabeen  SarahJohnson  and Jessica Johnson  the phenomenal authors
of Balance Like a Pirate  “When you give to others endlessly without concern for your
own well-being, you run the very real risk of temporary or permanent breakdown in your
physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health.”

If we could just be more like Mr. Rodgers, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, Gandhi,
Jon Gordon, Toby Mack, Brene Brown, and (insert your favorite here). There truly is
so much good in our world, and if, as a group, there is more push to put us as a “We”
first, and a “Me” second, I really think the tides will begin to change. Yes, sticks and
stones may break your bones, but yes, words can hurt us. The old adage, “Don’t say
anything unless you have something nice to say”? Well, the way I see it, is, just say
something nice, it really isn’t that difficult.I’m not saying the world should be filled with
Kindness Ambassadors (well…maybe), but let’s look out for the other guy/gal first once
in a while, not defame, use racist remarks, or words we know will hurt others, or groups.
One by one, with exponential power, let’s change the tide, move the dominoes, and get
back to “We” before “Me”, because yes, #WordsDOmatter.