Most of us know, that intention can be quite an amazing thing, and many of us in education are often defined by the very way we are, intended or not. ” To act in a certain way” or “To Plan” or “Have Purpose”. When we have intentionality, or a determined way to act or deliver, it can be very powerful. It can also be quite telling about who we are, and what message we are trying to convey.

Take kindness, for example. When we act with deliberate and intentional kindness, a ripple effect can often be seen, heard, and felt. People begin to watch, listen and act in a way that emulates people doing the right thing. If purposeful, and heartfelt, intentional kindness can become a way of life. It makes one feel good, right, just, fulfilled, and plentiful when being kind. Letting our conscious efforts drive our acts, it becomes habitual and mission-like. We’ve all seen it in videos, blogs, newscasts, and various posts of people (and animals) being intentionally kind.
These acts can be random, but when they are filled with a conscious plan – they can provide the heartfelt filling of an empty space. Not only that, but it can actually be lifesaving. Look it up on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or your favorite Social Media Platform: Random Acts, or Acts of Kindness. They work. Very well. So well, that our cliche “Domino Effect”, “Ripple Effect”, “Chain Reaction” and any other are actually true, factual, studied and real.

I ask you this: Be Intentional with all that you do. Whatever it is, put purpose, passion, love, and a plan behind it. The only caveat is that within this intention, think with your heart, be empathetic to others, and let kindness drop from it. The world is changing my friends. Don’t let it drag us down. Instead, let’s all Intentionally make it the Kindness place to be.

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