Most of us remember Joey Tribbiani from the television show “Friends”. Those that don’t can just find the reruns on Netflix and will soon be able to relate to him with me. One of his most famous taglines was “How you doin?” in a very “I wanna pick you up” voice and tone to the ladies.
Well, although his technique was interesting, I like his line, because in today’s schools, with what we have going on, I believe this isn’t said enough.

“How are you?, How you doing? Are you alright? Can I help support you?” These are what we should be asking our students, teachers, admin, community members and anyone else we care about on a daily basis.

Our mental health, well-being, balance, and mindset are so critical in our ever-so important work. You hear all the time, “Yes, I do need to balance my time”, and ” I know, I work too much”. But how often do we get eye to eye, check in, listen and really care about how someone is doing?
Educators not only work hard, but work long hours. We wear different hats. We attend meetings, events, PD, trainings and other time evaporators.
Needless to say, we all go home to our “other” lives, which, in some cases, can be even more of a stressor.

Time is something that we all manage quite differently as well. Some manage it well, others don’t. BUT, the big but (not bootay), is that there is ALWAYS time (5 min here or there) for a quick breathing session, timeout, walk, close door and shut eyes, meditation, etc. You can’t deny it. It is there. Look for it. Calendar it in. Make it happen. You deserve it (right Adam Welcome).
Life is short. Balance is critical.

If someone cares enough to check in on you. Take it seriously enough to reflect and do a quick mind map of your physiology and frame of mind. It would be nice to have you around for longer, as you are vitally important to many people, animals and things.
I guarantee it.

So, “How you doing?”
Please take a moment to just ask.