Hey Teacher, I’m right here.

I’m new in your classroom, so please be patient while I learn your routines and procedures. Can you help me connect with some friends? I’m kind of shy too, so please ask me questions and get to know me first!

Hey Teacher, I’m right here.

Please don’t yell. Maybe you don’t intend to, but your loud voice and tone really scares me. I’m sure some of the other students don’t like it either. Remember, we are only 6, 7, 8 and 9 years old.

Hey Principal, I’m right here.

Will you listen to me first? I’d like to share why I was so dysfunctional in the classroom today. You see, life at home sucks, and I really need some help. No one ever wants to hear why I am so frustrated. Please help me.

Hey Yard Duty, Noon Duty, Character Coach, I’m right here.

Why do you always watch the same students and side with your own kid? I understand that you are a mom, but aren’t you here for #AllKids? Please don’t yell at us. Can you listen to all of us before making a decision? Help us be safe and have fun, be here for us, maybe even play a game!

Hey Teacher, I’m right here.

Do you know when you ask us to raise our hands, most of us are petrified to answer? Can we just check in with another student, or write on our white boards first? I hate being called on, because even if I know the answer, I get messed up when I am singled out.

Hey Lunch Lady, I’m right here.

I bet you didn’t know that school is the only place I ever eat. You could have asked me why I took some extra fruit and crackers instead of yelling at me and sending me to the office. Did you know my dad is in Jail?

Hey Office Manager, I’m right here.

Could you use a calm voice when I come into the office all upset and crying? I’ve had two adults already yell at me, I don’t need another. Maybe a hug would help. Or, could you listen to me too?

Hey Counselor, I’m right here.

Do you promise not to tell what we talk about? My parents yell at me a lot and sometimes hit me. Other times, they drink and fight really bad. They say if I tell, they’ll send me away. I only feel safe at school. Can you help me please?

Hey Parents, I’m right here.

I know I’m not perfect like your kid and I’m “That Other Kid”, but really, when you take the time to know me, I’m kind of ok. I do have manners, and can be polite too. Your child isn’t always nice when you aren’t around you know. I don’t have all the cool clothes and shoes, but I am kind.

Hey Teacher, I’m right here.

Maybe you could rethink assigning us homework each night. I love to read, but I hate the math sheets and questions I can easily Google. Can I just go to sports practice, music, explore and play as long as I read instead?
Also, those timed math tests stink! They only increase my anxiety.

Hey Schools, I’m right here.

Please listen and notice #AllKids. We have stories. We have problems. We have big hearts and WANT to be kind. Will you please show me how? Can you be a little more patient and not favor the kids that always do it right the first time? I bet if given a chance, I’ll be pretty cool and smart when I grow up too!