Today we (TeamKube) embark on a National Park adventure.

Growing up, my family took many a road trip and traveled cross-country quite a bit, but this is something that TeamKube has not done much of, and we finally agreed that we need to get our 10 and 14 year olds out to see the old USA more!

Now, I’m a bit high strung, if any of you know me. For those that don’t…I can be impulsive, and at times a bit, let’s say “easily agitated” if I’m hungry or tired.

While my son and daughter are lovely, they don’t always get along, which can make for long road trips, but today, begins anew my friends!

My wife Piper has mapped out a fantastic trip to Zion, Bryce and a few other surprise stops along the way. I will do my “Cub Scout” best to chill, expect obstacles, laugh, and just enjoy some unplugged family time.

One thing that excites me the most is that Piper wanted to make this a #KubiakKindnessCrew trip as well. What is that? It means that we will be bringing along copies of my new book, One Drop of Kindness, and stickers and will partake on as many “Random Drops of Kindness” acts that we can.

Giving away books and stickers is only part. Random favors, supplies or food to strangers, cleaning up parks…who knows?

Stay tuned for some ultra fun video and wordsmithing, as I am ready for a new Jeff, Gus style!