F’s, N’s, Retention Letters and the Art of Reflection.

OK, here it goes my friends, we need an action plan, and perhaps for some, a CALL TO ACTION NOW!

It was very eye opening to read the Progress Reports last week. I was actually shocked to see the high number of F’s, and N’s. From an administrative and former teacher viewpoint, this means that WE, as a school are failing our students, the students are not failing.

Do you regularly practice the art of HONEST reflection? If not, you must make this a regular part of your day. We can not teach the way we were taught, nor can we act complacently and expect the students and parents make the change. It must come from us, as the educators on the forefront.
If you are truly honest and reflecting on your own teaching practice, you must constantly be able to make adjustments. If many students are failing, this must be a red flag and change needs to be immediate and perhaps drastic!

Too much irrelevant homework? Are you searching for compliance, learning or content? Homework doesn’t teach, you do.

Are there too many assignments or projects that have not been thoroughly instructed on?

Is there RTI? small group work? before school lab work?

Are you teaching WITH technology, or letting technology run your classroom?
That quiet kid in the corner? Have you ever actually spoken to him? Do you know his story?

The child you send out of class all the time? Have you visited his/her home? Do you KNOW them? Connect… With…All…Students.

Whatever the reason, we need to reflect. Even if all of your students are HIGH Achievers and perfect angels. That can become higher and more angelic!
As a school, we need to act now, with depth, complexity, and reality. Students are here every day for 5 to 6.5 hours per day. Every minute MUST count! Whether it is instruction, play, or group activities.

What do you need from me?

After all, they are ALL students of ours, no one stands alone.

Let’s do this together, with fidelity, now.